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Miniflix showcases the best handpicked cinema from across India. You can submit your work and get it featured among some best films.
It was launched in the year 2020.
Miniflix showcases only best handpicked short films across India. It is a library where you will find good quality short films from talented filmmakers. Every filmmaker who submits their film will have a portfolio on our website. Also, Miniflix has collaborations and connections with some film directors and top producers from film industry of every language. If they like your work, they might call you for collaboration. Miniflix also fund for short films if any filmmaker comes up with an interesting script.
Yes, As we just embed social links of films, we don’t charge any money to view content on the website. It’s free.
The makers of the film owns complete copyright of their content. If they opt to remove film from our website, they can write us at help@miniflix.in

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