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Log-line : A hard-core thief turns Santa Claus for a young girl he was supposed to rob !

A moonless night, an empty house. Perfect scene of a robbery. To complete the picture, there is a thief as well. The story is about the relationship between a thief and a 9 year-old girl, Sara. A relationship, which brings them together by chance.
The thief out to rob a house instead stumbles upon a room of a little girl which makes him forget the very purpose of his visit to the house and sucks him into the world of Sara. A strange world where she is waiting for her dead father to arrive. A world where all her soft toys are related to each other. A world where losing the red teddy bear gifted by her father is guilt beyond redemption. One look at the room of Sarah sets about a chain of events, which begins the transformation of the thief into a Santa Claus.

Such is the beauty and the innocence of the little girl, that the thief immediately forms an emotional connect with her because she brings back memories of the thief’s dead daughter. How the thief sets about finding happiness for Sarah and how he transforms into Santa Claus forms the rest of the story.

Written and Directed by Maaz Kazmi.