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Submission FAQ’s

Submission Rules & Guidelines ?

Sending an entry to Miniflix implies acceptance of the Rules and Regulations.
Entries can be of any duration. Shorter films are preferred (1 to 60 minutes). Films longer than 60 minutes is considered as Independent Films. To submit your film to Miniflix, all entrants are required to provide a HD high-resolution version of the film via YouTube or Google Drive links, pay the applicable submissions fee and include a promotional image of your film.

Promotional Images ?

Entries MUST be accompanied by one high-resolution images from the film to be reproduced, published and/or exhibited for promotional purposes. Recommended Format ( JPEG/PNG : 1080 x 1920). You can also include other promotional images, images of cast and crew, BTS images.

Submission Fee ?

₹499 for Standard Submission. If your film get selected, we will feature your film on website. If for some reason we can’t feature your film, you will get full refund.

Review Process ?

Your film is REVIEWED based on six aspects : Story, Screenplay, Direction, Editing, Production and Performances.
Review process will generally take upto a week for your film to get featured on the website.
If your film is not selected, you will receive a full refund.

Refund Policy ?

If in some case your film doesn’t get featured on our website, you will receive a complete refund. We will notify you about that in advance. Once your film gets featured on the website, you will not be refunded.

Ownership of Content ?

The makers of the film owns complete copyright of their content. If they opt to remove film from our website, they can write us at

Subtitles Provision ?

We accept films from all languages. All films must be accompanied by an English translation or have English subtitles. (This is not applicable in case of No Dialogue Film Challenge).

Nominees, Awards and Rewards?

Films that are selected get featured on the website. Films nominated by the Miniflix editorial team are featured under nominees section and are eligible for Film of the Week and Film of the Year.
A special shout-out will be given for potential films every week under Films of the Week category.
A exciting cash prize will be given for a short film that has highest rating by audience under Film of the Year category.

Film of the Month ?

All films under nominees section will compete with other films added around the month. Based on the combined score of our team’s rating and users likes, the highest-scoring film will be awarded ‘Film of the Month’.

Miniflix Female Filmmaker Challenge FAQ’s

1. How do you showcase films ?

All the shortlisted films from the challenge gets embedded on Miniflix through YouTube or Vimeo links provided by makers along with the information of cast and crew.

2. Last Date of Submission ?

Last date of submission for ‘Female Filmmaker Challenge’ is February 28, 2021.

3. Use of Subtitles or Text ?

The films must be included with subtitles (unless the spoken language is English). Subtitles not necessary for Music Videos.

4. Can I submit Music Video ?

Yes. Submission of Short Films, Feature Films, Documentary Films, Music Videos are allowed for the contest. 

5. Acceptance of Private Links ?

We accept private links too. For Vimeo links with a password, please add the password next to the link in the form.


6. Refund Policy ?

You will get a full refund if your film is not featured. Please note that failure to meet the ‘Miniflix Female Filmmaker Challenge’ criteria would mean that the film will automatically be considered as regular submission which makers use to get their film featured on Miniflix. If it is shortlisted in either of the two categories, refund is not applicable.

7. Film Duration Limit ?

No time limit.

8. Ownership of Film ?

If selected, your short film will be featured on the website and will never be removed by us. The makers of the film owns complete copyright of their content. If they opt to remove film from our website, they can write us at

9. Will I get notified whether my film is selected or not ?

Yes, you will be notified if your film does not get nominated along with the refund details. However after nomination, only filmmakers who progress to next rounds (Miniflix Female Filmmaker Challenge) will be notified.

10. Any Additional Queries ?

Write us at